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About US

About Us

SHANDONG SLING AND STRAP CO.,LTD. is a pioneer when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality strapping materials for packaging-related applications. We ensure that our products go through extensive tests to guarantee safety when it comes to sealing various heavy packaging consignments. We, as a renowned manufacturer, have followed all the international regulations to ensure that no leave remains unturned when it comes to the quality control of our diverse range of strapping solutions. We ensure to pay extra attention to the quality control so you can expect the same quality and brilliance from our end whenever buying our world-class packaging straps. 


We, as a pioneer in the field, understand that the packaging needs might be different in some cases; hence we have a versatile product line so we can meet the distinguished requirements of our customers. You can rely on us for the safety of your packaging and receive timely deliveries so you can schedule the shipments accordingly. We, as a leading strap manufacturer, guarantee you market-leading pricing that allows us to be the best in business. Coming on board with us for your packaging needs would have you covered from all sides as your needs are our priority.