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Cord Lashing Strap

Best Cord Lashing Strap Manufacturer – Delivering Quality Products 

Qingdao Strapping Pack Co., Ltd is a renowned name in the cord lashing strap manufacturer circle. We specialize in manufacturing straps for your heavy-duty packaging needs. We, as a leading manufacturer in the circle, take pride in our capability of producing products in bulk quantity.

We use high-quality polyester for our product manufacturing to guarantee the finest quality. We ensure safe and secure transportation of the products because we value you and your hard-earned money. In addition, we firmly believe in prioritizing our customers; therefore, we offer prices considering your budget. We understand the excitement of fast delivery, and this is why we make sure that our products are delivered as soon as possible. 

Why Choose Us?

We understand the fear caused due to not being able to ship a heavy product without fearing any physical damage; this is where we come, as your savior. We, as a leading cord lashing strap manufacturer, strictly adhere to the guidelines on liner breaking strength, system breaking strength, elongation, and safe shipment transportation so that our product line can provide durability and reliability for different packaging requirements. We manufacture cord lashing straps from 100% high tenacity polyester yarn, with a remarkable linear breaking strength ranging from 2000kg to 7500 kg. We also offer cord woven lashing straps in many colors to keep the aesthetics intact. 

What Can You Get?

First thing first, you will get an intact shipment at the earliest possible time. Along with that, you will have exceptional product quality because good quality is our top priority. We love sending out fast deliveries so our customers can utilize the benefits of our products at the earliest. We use robust materials in the manufacturing of cord lashing straps so that they can serve you in the long run. We encourage feedback from our valued customers so we can provide the best user experience with our top-class products.