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  • Cord Lashing Strap 32mm

Cord Lashing Strap 32mm

Port Qingdao
Packaging bag, coil, roll
Lead Time 10 days


Cord lashing strap is made of high tensile strength polyester yarn. It is also called woven lashing strap and one way lashing webbing. The strap is scattered into a bundled plastic bag. No auxiliary tools are needed to avoid the strap twisted. This makes it easier to drag and pull the strap out of the bag. It only needs a lashing buckle and a universal tensioner to complete the connection and cargo lashing. It’s easier to be used and less expensive than ratchet tie down strap.

Due to the low elongation of the yarn material and weaving by the special shuttleless loom, it has advantages such as high breaking strength, low elongation, soft, UV resistance, no splices, flexible and universally applicable.

Polyester cord lashing strap are suitable for all light and heavy duty packaging for securing large items and heavy load in various applications and sectors. These straps can effectively substitute ratchet tie down strap, steel strapping and part of chain.

Polyester cord lashing strap is widely applied to Steel Tube, Aluminum Ingot, Motor, Wood, Pallet, Cartons, Mining and Resources, Oil and Gas, Offshore and Marine, Freight Forwarding, Railway Transportation,Container Load, Logistics Packaging and other heavy duty packing.


  • Easier and faster to lashing
  • Safe and less damaging to secure cargo
  • Not tearing and remains perfectly fixed