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Woven Lashing Strap

Strapping Pack: One Solution for All Packaging Needs

Qingdao Strapping Pack Co., Ltd. is a well-established manufacturing industry known for its high-quality strap manufacturing products. We design straps to secure different types of packages. Being an esteemed woven strapping exporter, we make sure to conduct an extreme quality assurance test of the straps before shipping heavy consignments to our wholesale buyers. 

We being a pioneer of woven straps supplier, deeply understand the packaging needs are different for every package. Every package requires a different sealing solution; therefore, we provide diverse kinds of custom woven straps to meet the specific requirements of our bulk buyers. In addition, we adhere to the conditions on linear breaking strength, system breaking strength, elongation, and softness of each strap that is essential in transporting heavy-duty and all other kinds of cargo. 

Increased Lashing Capacity at Wholesale Rates  

Ensuring load safety can be a tricky business, and when not dealt with caution, it leads to irrevocable damage. Due to the latter reason, we manufacture straps, designed to contain maximum lashing capacity.  At Strapping Pack, we manufacture straps that ensures the total amount of allowable tension in the strap. Our strapping solutions are sourced worldwide due to their impeccable breaking strength and lashing capacity, thereby making us the best woven strapping manufacturer China. We offer straps in varying degrees of strength and material as per the customer’s needs. 

Why Choose Us?

Being the top-notch woven strapping manufacturer China, we specialize in selling a wide range of woven straps designed to meet different packaging solutions. We perform strict quality checks on our products and ship them only when the quality assurance department approves them. Moreover, we sell woven straps at wholesale rates, so if you are looking to source straps in bulk, you can contact us. Along with wholesale prices, we also provide discounts for our regular buyers. We have a fast and reliable delivery service so that orders can reach their destination at the earliest. As far as the modes of payment are concerned, we have multiple options available, and you can choose from what is available in your country.