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SHANDONG SLING AND STRAP CO.,LTD. understands how the importance of heavy-duty packaging; hence we provide high-quality woven straps that are built to last. Our primary goal as a strap manufacturer is to provide products that have the strength to bear the weight of different packages so they can be sealed properly. We have a wide-ranging of packaging solutions, including high strength polyester cord woven lashing strap, ratchet lashing strap, composite strapping, woven strapping, steel ladder buckle, and packaging buckles. We offer all the packaging solutions in bulk quantity so that you can have all of your needs sorted under one roof. 

We as a market leader in the China cord strap manufacturer circle adhere to the requirements on linear breaking strength, system breaking strength, elongation, and softness of each strap that is essential in the transportation of heavy-duty and all other kinds of cargo.

One Way Lashing

Material: 100% high tenacity polyester yarn
Width: 32mm 38mm 40mm 50mm
Linear Breaking Strength:2000kg - 7500kg
System Breaking Strength:3400kg -12000kg
Length: 100m 150m 200m 250m
Color: orange, white
Packing: bag, coil, roll
Printing: customized content is available
Certificate: DNV GL, ISO9001

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May 16,2023

How to Choose the Right Lashing Straps for Your Cargo Transportation Needs

No matter what kind of business, whether wholesale, retail, or import-export, cargo transportation is an essential activity that needs to be made secure and risk-free to minimize any losses. Extra care needs to be taken in case of transportation of expensive and delicate items. Securing the cargo through lashing straps is one of the ways that can prevent the products from being damaged during their moving from one place to another.  What is a Lashing Strap? A lashing strap, also known as a tie-down or logistic strap, is a webbed piece of strap of a specific length that is used to tie down and secure items during the shipping or transportation process. Lashing straps are available in particular lengths to handle different-sized loads. The smallest length can be around 6 feet for a small-sized load, while the longest straps can be up to forty feet for tying down the loads. Tie-down straps have two strength specifications, Break Strength describes the maximum weight that can be secured before the webbed strapped breaks. Working Load Limits: This is the maximum weight that a lashing strap can accommodate on a day-to-day basis without excessive wear and tear and damage. The working load is normally one-third of the break strength. Kinds of Lashing Straps Lashing straps are used to hold down and secure a diverse range of products for transportation. Whether you are transporting military or electrical hardware or construction items, tie-down straps are necessary for safe and accident-free transportation. Let us look at various types of tie-down straps that will ensure a safer journey for your cargo. Tie-Down Straps Tie-Down straps in the lightweight category are designed for securing lighter loads. These straps usually have a working load capacity of 100 lbs (50kg) and a maximum breaking strength of 220 lbs (100kg). It's important to note that the buckle is designed to slip before the webbing breaks, ensuring added safety. These straps utilize spring-loaded metal buckles that effectively wedge the webbing, preventing any slippage during transportation. Ratchet Straps These straps consist of a webbing material such as polyester or nylon, which is attached or woven into a ratchet buckle. This type of strap can be tightened or loosened accordingly with the help of the buckle. The strap is wrapped tightly around the load first and then tightened further with the help of the ratchet buckle. This fixes the load in one place and prevents it from shifting during the journey.  Ratchet straps are popularly used to fasten large and heavy loads like furniture or electrical appliances. Ratchet buckles have the most secure grip among all logistic strap types and have a break limit of 15000 lb and a working load limit of 5000lb. Cam Buckle Straps They resemble a ratchet straps as they are made from the same synthetic polyester or nylon fibers. But unlike ratchet straps, they are not attached to a cam buckle. Cam buckles have a lever that is released to slide the strap through the fastener bottom and make the strap suitably wrapped tightly around the load. The length of the strap is altered by pushing the lever to pull the strap. These straps are available in ranges of 1-inch to 4-inch widths. They are less secure than ratchet straps and are easier to tighten or loosen than ratchet straps. Cam buckle straps possess a  breaking strength of 1500lb and a 500lb working load limit. Cam buckle straps can handle medium-sized cargo, unlike ratchets, which are not capable of fastening gigantic loads like logs or heavy furniture. They are suited to handle more delicate loads that can get damaged from vibration during transit. Things to Consider While Selecting The Right Lashing Strap for Your Cargo Working Load Limits and Break Strength These usually denote the strength of the lashing straps. Webbing straps are manufactured according to the load specifications, and usually, the manufacturer mentions the load limit on the webbed strap. To safely tighten and fix the cargo, the relevant type of straps is crucial; otherwise, the strap can break during transportation. The working load limit needs to be higher than the cargo weight. The break strength is calculated according to the weakest location of the strap, which is usually the ends. If end fittings have a break strength of 1500lb and overall break strength is 2000lb, then the break strength of the whole strap would be 1500lb. Length of the Strap Utilizing the right length of the strap is crucial to fastening a load securely. A short length of strap to secure a large load would increase the tension in the strap, which would result in the strap being damaged or broken. If a very long strap is used, the ends would hang everywhere and get stuck in things during moving the cargo while unloading.  Securing Mechanism There is a wide variety of mechanisms to choose from depending on the nature and size of the load. The simplest of the tightening buckles are lashing and cam buckles. These are more appropriate for light and medium-weight goods such as motorcycles. They use angled teeth to lock a strap into place.    Ratchet Mechanisms are the most complex and foolproof mechanisms designed to handle heavy loads. They can securely use a spool to tighten around the load size and then securely lock into a place with the help of a lever. Material of Straps Synthetic Materials used to manufacture straps are mainly of two types. The high-strength synthetic fiber designed to secure heavy loads is nylon. Whereas polyester is a material with lesser strength and is not as durable as nylon.

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Nov 1,2021

How to Use the Lashing Strap with a Hand Winch?

When transporting any heavyweight stuff, there is a need to take certain safety precautions to ensure that the cargo or equipment can be delivered to its destined place. The most common of them all safety precautions is strapping the load onto the surface of the vehicle. Before jumping to the process of using a lashing strap, let's have a look at what exactly a lashing strap is. The strap used for strapping the loads needs to have as much strength as is viable to be effective enough to hold the load without breaking out. For this reason, lashing straps are made of polyester but specifically composite polyester because of the strength it gives off to the strap. The quality of a composite lashing strap matters a lot as if the quality is not up to the mark, then your lashing strap won't be hand winched properly, which will result in accidental damage of the load. The quality of the composite lashing strap needs to be up to the usual standard of quality. Don't go for cheap local options, they might look very affordable, but they will cost you a lot later by damaging your load. Go for best selling composite lashing strap options for the sake of preventing your own loss.  Hand Winching a Lashing Strap is Easier Than You Think: As much as a lashing strap is essential for fastening loads, a hand winch is equally important for the same purpose. It enables the strapping of the lashing strap onto the load. Otherwise, it won't be possible. These both work in conjunction as a fastener to secure the load. Here is how a hand winch and a lashing strap go together: First, you will have to hook the lashing strap around the load at one side. On the opposite side, the hand winch also has to be hooked around the load.  A hand winch is like a device that has a cavity inside it through which the lashing stripe has to be passed. After passing the lashing strip through the cavity, you need to keep dragging the lashing strap through the cavity onto the drum of the hand winch. After this, the lashing strap is tensioned enough onto the load, and the load is adequately secured at its place. Once the load is secured, you need to lock the lashing strap into the hand winch.  Your load is now secured by a hand winched lashing strap.  To remove the lashing strap, you will have to unlock the hand winch first. After unlocking the hand winch and opening its lever fully, you can release the lashing strap from it. Then you can unhook the lashing strap and hand winch. Different Lashing Straps Have Different End Fittings:   Lashing straps are also in a variety of end fittings, making it easier to choose a lashing strap whose hook will work perfectly for you.  Flat Hooks: Flat hooks are good and compatible to use for flat anchor points. They are very good to use as they are made of steel and won't corrode or rust in any environment.  J-Hooks: As the name indicates, these hooks are j-shaped and are good to use with trailer sides, D-rings and O-rings. Chain Hooks: These hooks are attached to a chain, and the chain is attached to the strap. This gives more length to the strap and also gives increased strength to it.  Wire Hooks: Wire hooks are good to use in inaccessible spaces where any other hook won't reach the anchoring point easily. These hooks are very convenient to use. S-Hooks: These hooks are also very easy to use and are s-shaped, as the name indicates.  Snap Hooks: These hooks are good for more safety of your goods as they are locked on the anchoring point and won't open at any disturbance caused by the moving vehicle. Twisted Snap Hooks: These are somewhat similar to snap hooks, and the only difference is that these are twisted, as the name indicates. R-Hooks: These are also named after their shape, which is R-like, and these hooks can also be found in lashing straps. T-Hooks: These hooks are also present in lashing straps, and they look like the letter T as the name indicates. Shackle Hooks: These hooks are the strongest lashing strap end fittings. They have a lock-like functioning, so they are locked at the anchoring point. Summary: This is how a lashing strap can be fastened with a hand winch very easily. There is no need to go after electric winches because hand winches are very convenient and economical. Just keep your anchoring points in consideration before getting a lashing strap and a hand winch. This will help you select the right lashing strap, an end fitting that can fit perfectly in your anchoring point.

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Established in 1994, SHANDONG SLING AND STRAP CO.,LTD. is a strap manufacturing company specializing in selling heavy-duty packaging straps. Being a renowned cord strap supplier, our straps are made with premium quality material to offer maximum protection for packages. Our main goal as a cord strap manufacturer is to ensure that our straps are designed to carry the weight of different Packages so that they can be sealed effectively for safe transportation. Our range of products is vast as we have various kinds of strappings available at wholesale rates, Including cord strap lashing, strapping, lash strapping, composite strapping. Our team of quality assurance thoroughly checks the tensile strength of the straps. In addition, we adhere to the requirements on linear breaking strength, system breaking strength, elongation, and softness of each strap that is essential in the transportation of heavy-duty and all other kinds of cargo. 

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Cord Straps manufactured at Strapping pack are durable and can sustain the heavy load. The reason being, these cord straps are manufactured from premium quality polypropylene. The latter gives them high breaking strength and flexibility. Safe transportation of goods is the buyers' fundamental right because they pay for the product, and in return, we must ensure that they get what they ordered. Our cord straps possess a remarkable elongation tendency because we understand that packaging of heavy loads requires something that stretches well to accommodate the size. We also deal with custom prints, so if you want your company's logo on the straps, we got you sorted. Besides advanced high printing, our straps are suitable to cater to all sorts of package boxes. 

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Our vast experience of 20 years has enabled us to understand the do's and don'ts of packaging needs and how important it is to manufacture good quality straps that don't break easily and can sustain all sorts of loads. Meanwhile, making us the top cord straps suppliers in china. We being the leading china cord strap manufacturer, take pride in our services. We will quickly enlist reasons that should convince you to place your bulk orders. First thing first, we guarantee a high-quality cord strap lashing supply. Secondly, we offer amazing discounts for our regular buyers, so they always have an abundant supply of solid tensile straps. As far as the prices are concerned, we provide reliable shipment services and ensure that our buyers get what they what at the earliest possible time.