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  • Composite Strapping

Composite Strapping

Port Qingdao
Packaging coil, box, pallet
Lead Time 3 days


Quick Details

Certificate DNV GL, ISO9001

Composite tape packaging is both high-quality and comfy. Composite tape is used to replace steel strips since it is less expensive, lighter, and easier to handle. The composite straps are made out of textile tape with a polypropylene protecting covering put on top. The strips are more durable and resistant to sharp edges and weathering as a result of the additional layer. Cord composite strapping can be utilised for heavy loads and in challenging environments because to its better qualities.

Product Details

Material: high tenacity polyester yarn, PP
Width: 13mm 16mm 19mm 25mm 32mm
Linear Breaking Strength: 300kg – 1600kg
System Breaking Strength: 480kg – 2600kg
Length: 1100m 850m 600m 500m 400m 300m 250m
Color: white
Packing: coil, box, pallet
Printing: customized content is available
Certificate: DNV GL, ISO9001


1. High strength

2. Shock absorbent

3. High retained tension

4. Elastic and flexible

5. No sharp edges

6. Safe and simple to use

7. Resistant to weather

8. Cost effective

9. Lighter-weight