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  • Woven Cord Strapping
  • Woven Cord Strapping

Woven Cord Strapping

Port Qingdao
Packaging coil, box, pallet
Lead Time 10 days


Quick Details

Certificate DNV GL, ISO9001


Product Features


  • It is made of high tenacity polyester yarn.
  • It is available in width of 9mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, and 25mm.
  • It is available in length of 1500m, 1100m, 850mm, 600m, 500m, and 400m.
  • It has a linear breaking strength of 200kg to 1200kg.
  • It has a system breaking strength of 320kg to 2000kg
  • It is available in white and orange color only.
  • It comes with a matching phosphatized steel wire buckle.
  • It can be used to pack coil, box and pallets.
  • It has DNV GL, ISO9001 certification.


Product Qualities

  • Incredible Strength

This woven cord strapping has excellent high tensile strength. It can fasten heavyweight loads very firmly. It has this increased strength due to the weaving of polyester yarn to make this strapping.

  • Load Absorbent

This woven cord strapping is very flexible and elastic. Therefore it absorbs the load while holding it in place and without breaking apart.

  • Weather Resistant

This woven cord strapping is resistant to all types of extreme weather. It can easily resist high temperatures and ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is also unaffected by moisture and does not deform in any weather condition.

  • Durability

The material of this woven strapping, that is polyester is itself very durable, and additionally, the weaving of this polyester makes the strapping even stronger and highly durable.