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  • Textile Bale Press Strapping
  • Textile Bale Press Strapping

Textile Bale Press Strapping

Port Qingdao
Packaging coil, box, pallet
Lead Time 10 days


Quick Details

Certificate DNV GL, ISO9001

Product Features

·         It is made of high tenacity polyester yarn.

·         It is available in width of 9mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm and 25mm.

·         It is available in length of 1500m, 1100m, 850mm, 600m, 500m and 400m.

·         It has a linear breaking strength of 200kg to 1200kg.

·         It has a system breaking strength of 320kg to 2000kg.

·         It is available in white and orange colors only.

·         It comes with matching phosphatized steel wire buckle.

·         It can be used to pack coil, box and pallet.

·         It has DNV GL, ISO9001 certification.

Product Qualities


This bale press strapping has enough strength to hold balers and is the toughest strapping used for bailing any load.

Modern Structure

This bale press strapping has a filament structure that has been optimally adapted and designed using modern techniques.


This bale press strapping has very high tensile strength and is adequately elastic which increases its durability.


It is structured to be tear-resistant and its elasticity and filament structure helps it to resist breaking off when used to strap heavyweight load.

Tightening Ability

As it is elastic it tightens perfectly around the load holding it firm and also has the ability to retighten when removed from the load. Therefore, it can be used for a long period of time.