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Woven Strapping

Port Qingdao
Packaging coil, box, pallet
Lead Time 10 days


Quick Details

Certificate DNV GL, ISO9001

Product Overview

Woven Strapping can be used to replace steel banding or strapping for all your packaging needs. It is more flexible than traditional options, which makes it easier to use with irregularly shaped boxes. Our woven corp strapping are also stronger and more durable than steel banding. When fitted correctly, it can avoid chafing and stripping while also removing the risks associated with steel strapping. Use metal buckles and a tensioner tool for heavy-duty applications.


Material: high tenacity polyester yarn
Width: 9mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 25mm
Linear Breaking Strength: 200kg – 1200kg
System Breaking Strength: 320kg – 2000kg
Length: 1500m 1100m 850mm 600m 500m 400m
Color: white, orange
Packing: coil, box, pallet
Matching Buckle:  phosphatized steel wire buckle
Certificate: DNV GL, ISO9001

Key Features

1. Cost-effective and risk-free

2. Maximum impact resistance 

3. No cargo damages

4. Highly efficient